Wild Flower 3/4 Lashes

$23.00 USD
Introducing "Wild Flower" from our Butterfly Effect collection. These vegan lashes feature a 3/4 length band and offer a perfect balance of wispy volume. Created in memory of our founder's mother, Gail Lyons, 5% of proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation to preserve butterflies. Experience elegance and compassion with "Wild Flower" lashes.

Get ready make your own waves


100% vegan silk lashes. The band is hand-made cotton thread for easy peasey application. Re-use up to 20 applications per lash. Make sure to apply with our True Glue all natural lash adhesive for safe and easy wear.


WEIGHT 0.0203 kg DIMENSIONS 9.2 × 4.9 × 1 cm COLLECTION The Butterfly Effect


To achieve a flawless application and extend the lifespan of your "Wild Flower" lashes, follow these simple steps: Trim the lashes to fit the eye shape and apply a layer of lash glue (sold separately) to the band. Position the lashes above the natural lash line and hold in place until the glue sets. When removing, use a damp cotton swab to trace along the lash band, being gentle when lifting the lashes. Use tweezers to remove any remaining glue from the lash band. For extended use and to retain their original shape, store the lashes in the original case. Enjoy the elegance of "Wild Flower" lashes with ease and care.