January 27, 2017

Silk Lashes Vs. Mink Lashes


Silk Lashes Vs. Mink Lashes

Silk lashes and mink lashes, the two most popular styles of luxury lashes. So whats the big dif? Well, quite a few actually. Silk lashes are generally a synthetic version, or they may be authentically silk, but that is rare. Mink is made from what it sounds, the fur of actual minks. Now despite the claims that these are cruelty free, there is NO way you can confirm this is true. All lash companies get their lashes from Korea or China, meaning they can't do farm or factory visits and are just going by the word of a person they have never met looking to make a sale. Minks are not a calm animal and would not willingly let its fur be trimmed, additionally it only sheds once a year, meaning it isn't sustainable or a realistic way to get fur all year round. A quick google of mink fur farms may turn you off them once and for all. Don't be afraid to ask the company where their mink fur comes from. Ask for a link to the farm and factories. Do your research. Appearance wise, there are better mink lashes and better silk lashes, it all depends on the company. Different quality and styles will determine which one actually "looks" better. Generally it is thought that mink lashes look more natural, but that isn't always the case. Like anything you get what you pay for, if you go for a store bought version, or splurge for a high quality version. If you are choosing very dramatic styles then that is when you will really see the difference, however if you are going for drama you want to stand out! Whatever style you choose to go with, wear them with confidence! Know what is going on your eyes, use a safe eyelash glue, and know you aren't contributing to animal cruelty! xo


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