April 30, 2017

Should You Switch To Organic Makeup?

Organic Makeup
If you're anything like me, you've been playing with makeup since you could get your hands on your Mothers makeup bag. As you grow you learn that better products definitely get better results - better staying power, better for your skin, richer pigments and so on. Its generally known that if it doesn't say organic on the makeup it is full of chemicals. But why does this matter? It's only go on your skin, right? Wrong. Over the past few years I began researching more and more how your skin absorbs everything that is put on it and it goes right into your bloodstream. Don't believe me? Research it for your self, with countless studies by reputable universities conducted over the years it won't take long to come to your own consensus. Environmental Working Group published two such studies where they found toxic chemicals in the umbilical chord of newborn babies. They screened for 400 chemicals and found a shocking 287 chemicals. These chemicals included toxins known to damage growth development or cause birth defects, as well as neurotoxins and carcinogens. Just think about nicotine and birth control patches, we administer these medications through our skin into our blood stream. Well there may be many chemicals that are too large to make it into our bloodstreams, most are small enough to penetrate. So now what? My preconceived notion on organic cosmetics used to be that they didn't work well, and that is certainly the case with many brands. It's about finding the right product that actually does the job, without poisoning you in the process (for a lack of better words). While some products may be more important than others, such as a moisturizer you are smearing daily over your entire body, bubble baths you are soaking in, makeup the goes on your eyes (think eyeliner, eyeshadows, lash glue and mascara) and anything used on children and babies. First step is to look through your makeup bag and research the ingredients listed. What do you wear most often? Experiment with different organic cosmetics and see what works best for your skin type, it's definitely worth the swap.


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