August 13, 2018

The Story Of True Glue & Our Revolutionary Natural Lash Glue

The Story Of True Glue & Our Revolutionary Natural Lash Glue
Many of us love makeup because it helps us look even more beautiful – and even more glamorously gorgeous. Plus, it’s often a lot of fun – what with vibrant colours galore that bathe our lips and cheeks and eyelids. But makeup isn’t always so fun – and it doesn’t always make one look fine-and-flawless. That, at least, is what Toronto entrepreneur and boss babe Emily Lyons discovered some years ago – before she founded True Glue. Emily Lyons, you see, was – and still is – the CEO of one of Canada’s leading model agencies, Femme Fatale Media Group. The agency’s models were known to be some of the best in North America – and were, for example, featured in music videos with Drake and hired as ring girls by the UFC. Not surprisingly, many of these models regularly wore makeup. One day, however, some of Emily’s models ran into quite the dilemma: when they put lash glue on for their falsies, they experienced an allergic reaction around their eyes! (This can happen when a product contains harsh, synthetic chemicals like formaldehyde.) And since these models weren’t exactly going for a look that included red, puffy, and swollen eyes, they were distraught – after all, models need to look their best. Soon, Emily got wind of this. Upon learning that her models – and her friends, too – would get allergic reactions to lash glues fairly often, she had heard enough. “Why don’t we all just use a natural, safe lash adhesive?” she thought to herself. So she tried to find such a glue – in stores. Online. Just about everywhere. But – to her surprise – it was nowhere to be found. Always the entrepreneur, Emily seized the opportunity and decided to solve this problem herself. She assembled a team of chemists and handed them this mission: to concoct a lash glue formula that contained only natural, organic ingredients that were safe for human skin – and one that was cruelty-free, too (in other words, no animal testing was to be done). For weeks and weeks, the small cadre of chemists put their heads together and tested different formulas. Some formulas didn’t have a tight enough hold – the falsies would fall off almost immediately. Other formulas didn’t dry fast enough. And on and on it went. But, at last, the chemists struck gold and devised a wonderful new lash glue formula. Made completely out of natural, gentle ingredients, it held well – and smelled delicious, too. This new, natural, safe lash glue – dubbed “True Glue” – was then packaged and sold in eco-friendly material. From there, True Glue took off: women across North America wanted to try this remarkable alternative to the traditional lash adhesives (that are chock-full of harmful chemicals). That was all only a few short years ago. But today, True Glue offers more than just the world’s first natural-and-safe lash adhesive. It now features an entire makeup line that’s safe and wholesome for your skin, body, and hair – and made almost entirely out of natural ingredients. This makeup line includes lip glosses and eyeliners – and is gaining a reputation for its all-day holding power: no longer do you have to run to the bathroom when you’re out with your girls because your eyeliner starts running. Or be on a constant lookout for the nearest mirror because your lip gloss smudges too easily. In fact, with True Glue’s revolutionary new makeup line, you don’t even need to take your makeup off at night. Super tired after a long day of working and playing hard (and looking good)? No problem, because True Glue’s makeup is safe and good for your skin – and won’t smudge like crazy as you toss and turn at night. So sleeping with makeup on is now totally okay. *** And that’s the True Glue story for you. But it doesn’t end there. Because – as an influencer for True Glue – you’re continuing this story by letting women know that there’s now a safe, affordable makeup line that’s naturally long-lasting.


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