August 01, 2019

Ladies, It’s Time You Start Using Natural Lash Extension Glue

Lash extensions organic sensitive

We all know how amazing fuller, longer eyelashes look.

Whether it’s the Queen Bee, Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, everyone wants to have long fluttering eyelashes. They make your face impressive and you don’t have to use three layers of mascara (we all have been there).

Heck, even Lady rocked them like a queen in “Lady and the Tramp”.

One way you can achieve your dream of waking up with beautiful eyelashes every day is to use extensions.

Eyelash extensions are artificial lash lookalikes that are attached to your natural lashes with an adhesive. Something like a glue. And unlike false eyelashes, extensions are placed by an aesthetician or a cosmetologist, who meticulous attach them to your eyelashes.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from between 6mm to 18 mm and ask for long, short or curls among other choices. When placed properly, lash extensions will not only lift your eyes but also make them appear wider and beautiful.

But there are risks you need to know about.

You must realize those lash extensions are basically glued to your eyelashes using a chemical adhesive.

This is a synthetic mixture that can include formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates. These can result in causing a burning sensation, allergic reactions, irritation, inflammation, bloodshot eyes or in some cases dry eyes.

Then there’s the hygienic problem… since they are so close to your eyes, there is a strong probability that you can develop an infection. There are cases where lash extensions have caused conjunctivitis. Yikes.

And that’s not all. Yup, there’s more.

The chemical glue can also cause long-lasting, chronic health problems for you.

Prolonged use of these chemicals can cause damage to your eyelids, damage your natural eyelash follicles and decrease volume. What’s worse is that this triggers a cycle of addiction. How? When you start losing your natural eyelashes, you start to rely on extensions to make up for the volume meaning, you are going back to them.

So, do you give up on them completely? Not at all, ladies.

Natural and healthy eyelash extensions are now a reality. We've developed the world's first all-natural lash extension glue. With True Glue, you can enjoy lush, voluminous eyelashes without worrying about the nasty side effects of synthetic lash glues. Completely safe for sensitive eyes and those allergic to regular glues, there are no harmful chemicals as True Glue products are made from natural ingredients. All-natural, meaning the same results without any of the problems. Did you know on average, you are absorbing at least five pounds of toxic chemicals through your beauty products? So why not switch to natural and clean ingredients to get the same fuller look with True Glue.


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