May 24, 2017

Match Your Lashes to Your Mood


Lash talk! Okay ladies, honest hour, our moods are not exactly consistent to say the least. Some days we have mood swings, and others, we have the whole playground. Then there are those days where no one can stop us. We channel our inner Beyonce, wear our imaginary crown, and expect every person we cross paths with to Bow Down.

There’s no say what mood is coming what day, or hour, but lucky for you, we came up with 3 perfect lashes to match your top moods!


There is something so seductive, yet classy, when a woman bats her eyes. The powerful thing about this subtle eye movement is how universal it is. When you go on Spring Break, and you meet someone from another country, the language barrier doesn’t matter since body language is a million times more powerful than words.

However, to master this art of seduction, you must have those long, Minnie Mouse lashes. The Blink By Blink lashes give you the long-short patterns, which really opens up the eyes.


Okay Beyonce, it’s time to show him what he’s missing out on! (Or have him count his blessings for what he has). You can get anyone you want by just giving him or her that fierce stare. You OWN every room you walk into. Every time you share that selfie on Instagram, you are blessing everyone’s feed. For this mood, you need Catwalk lashes. These lashes are long lasting, and the most natural looking, because we both know you woke up like this.


Okay first of all, not today! You have no time for anyone’s BS this week! Anyone trying to talk to you before your Venti Caramel Macchiato can literally forget it. You’ll be rolling your eyes so often, they’ll probably get stuck. Thankfully, the Barbie Girl lashes have the perfect mix between 3D flare, and silk, to give you that desired length, with minimal thickness. So go ahead, roll your eyes as much as you want; they won’t get tired.

To finish off these bombshell looks, head over to “shop” to check out our organic makeup!

XO Krista


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