November 15, 2021

Trendy Makeup Ideas for the Holiday Season

Holiday makeup

The holiday season is here and you're still wondering what to wear? Whether it's for a party, date night, or just because, we have the perfect makeup ideas that will make your skin glow and your eyes pop!

Holiday makeup trends are all about looking your glam best, from glittery eyeshadows, to rosy cheeks and glossy lips! Don't be afraid to try something new, now is the time to step out of that makeup comfort zone, and just have fun with it! Below are a few of our favourite holiday makeup trends that anyone can rock.

  1. A festive red lip is an instant way to look fabulous. Whether you're wearing a velvet dress or your favorite jeans, this classic shade will never go out of style. Use the bold color around your lips and make them shine with translucent powder on top! Tip: Keep things simple by staying within one tone, like straight up red lipstick, or maybe try a red lip with some shimmer instead.

  2. A bright holiday eye is the easiest to achieve! Just pick your favourite shade of eyeshadow, sweep it across your eyelids and you're good to go! It's that simple. If glitter isn't really your thing then just use a little bit in the center of your lid to make your eyes stand out.

  3. If you really want to get creative, then try using a different color for each eye! They don't have to be the exact same shade either, but just close enough that the colors blend seamlessly when applied. You can also mix up matte and shimmery shades together or even use two neutral tones one over another.

  4. A subtle hint of color on the cheeks is a great way to brighten up your face. Whether it's pink, peach or golden brown, this makeup trend has been spotted all over the runways and looks amazing! You can use powder blush for a more natural look or opt for cream instead – you choose! But if you do want to use powder, then make sure you pair it with some matte bronzer.

  5. A new festive lip color that's been spotted all over the runways this year is a deep cranberry shade! This vivid red tone looks amazing on everyone and makes your teeth look whiter too! Tip: Try using an eyeliner brush to apply the lipstick evenly. After you get the shape right, just fill in with a lip brush and blot before applying another coat.

  6. Another trend we've been seeing all over is metallic eyes! This signature look features shimmering bronze or gold shadows on your eyelids that will make your eyes pop for any holiday celebration. Use matte shades of makeup around the crease and then sweep on the metallic colors for a more dramatic finish.

  7. Make sure you're always camera ready with some glittery highlighter! Whether it's silver or gold, this makeup trend is perfect if your holiday outfit features embellishments or sequins because it will reflect light off of any shiny surface. For extra sparkle, use an eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer and sweep it across your cheekbones.

  8. Fake lashes are the perfect way to have a glamorous holiday! You can use them on their own or pair them with some other funky makeup trends for the ultimate festive look. Fake lashes come in all sorts of different styles and lengths, so you're bound to find ones that will suit your face perfectly.

  9. Complete your new trendy makeup look with velvet lips! If you're tired of the classic red shade, then go for something a little different like deep purple or metallic hues. This makeup trend is perfect if you still want to work with bold colors but don't want your lips looking too dark.

You can always count on holiday makeup trends to be glamorous, fun and completely fabulous! Whether you want something simple or dramatic, there are so many different ways to bring the trend into your everyday look. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to celebrating this time of year with beauty. Try out these five easy tips and make sure everyone knows what stylish holiday beauty looks you're sporting!

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