March 26, 2018

Step Up Your Falsies Game with These 6 Lash Tricks


If you’re like us, then you like thinking about falsies.

Not just thinking about them, either (obviously). Feeling those lashes lovingly betwixt your fingers (yeah, we are weird) Seeing them, too. And, above all? Wearing them. But falsies have a bit of a rep for being hard to put on well. Even if you’ve got a tube of beautifully scented, natural lash glue to back you up, falsies can still be a challenge to apply for a lash newbie. This is a state of affairs that needs remedying – because what girl wants to take a selfie with her lashes coming undone and falling off? Here to mend this state of affairs: this roundup of tricks you can use to step up your falsie game, so you can slay on as your lashes stay on.

Without further ado, here are our essential lash tips!

#1 The ends of falsies have a habit of coming off – which can be particularly troublesome. Solution? Simply add a little extra lash glue on the ends (don’t go overboard on this though!). #2 Add a layer of mascara before you lovingly stick your falsies on. This helps your falsies stay where you want them to stay. #3 Take your falsies, trim them to the length of your eyelid, then cut the falsies in half. Next, apply each of these two false lashes to your eyelid. This makes it much easier to put your falsies on, since you’re not dealing with uncut lashes which are sometimes unwieldy. What’s more, applying your falsies in this way means the ends probably won’t go flying off your eyelid at the worst possible moment. Like when you’re on a hot date. Or trying to prove to your squad that you’ve got mad makeup skills. (You can also actually cut your falsies into three separate pieces to make them even more manageable.) #4 Don’t want to snip your falsies in two? Then here’s an alternative: before you stick on your fake lashes, bend them for a few seconds to make them more flexible. No need to bend your falsies into a full circle, but do give them a good (but kind) squish with your fingers. #5 Applying falsies is a skill. So learn this skill by starting with thin, flexible lashes which are easy to put on. Then, after you’re good at putting those on (practice makes perfect, after all), move onto bigger, thicker lashes. #6 Notice that your eyes get all red and puffy and swollen every time you use your lash adhesive? It’s probably because your lash glue is chock-full of allergy-causing chemicals like formaldehyde. But not to worry: this doesn’t mean you’ll need to ditch the idea of wearing falsies.

Instead, ditch your irritating lash adhesive and use a soothing organic lash glue instead.


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