July 29, 2021

Lash Glue Tips: How to Get a Perfect Lash Every Time

Lash Glue

There are a lot of lash glue products available on the market today. The problem is, many people don’t know how to use them. If you want your lashes to turn out beautifully and last for hours without flaking or falling off prematurely, then it’s best to follow these eight must-know tips:

1) Apply lash glue sparingly and allow it to dry before applying lashes to your natural lash line, not completely dry but about 30 seconds so that it's tacky.

2) Make sure that you only apply one coat of mascara onto your natural lashes when wearing false eyelashes. This will make sure your natural lashes are not clumped together and not blending with the false ones.

3) ) Curl your natural lashes first before applying fake ones for an even more dramatic look, and so they blend in more with your natural lashes.

5) Wait for the lash glue to dry completely before applying mascara on top. This will prevent the lashes from getting moved, or the glue spreading around.

6) Having trouble getting the lashes actually on your eye? A great tip to applying easily is to place a mirror in a position that allows you to look down. This will allow you to see where the lashes are going exactly, and the base of your lash line.

7) Use a lash applicator. Using a lash applicator can make the whole process a LOT easier. It can give you a lot more control and get the lashes exactly where you want them.

8) Make sure you're trimming the lashes before applying to fit your eye. This can make it easier to apply the lashes and will keep your eyes looking natural.

9) Make sure you're using a natural lash glue. If you get some in your eyes it'll avoid burning, watering and smudging.

10) After you remove your falsies with lash glue remover, make sure to carefully remove the glue, cleanse them and store them in their case for future wear. Most lashes you can get at least a few wears out of especially with proper care. Do make sure you're properly sanitizing with lash shampoo.

I hope these simple tips will help you get some gorgeous lash looks that last! Apply one coat of mascara onto your natural lashes, curl them first before applying fake ones, wait for the glue to dry completely before adding more on top, use a lash applicator, and make sure you're trimming the lashes to fit your eye before applying.

What are your tips for applying false eyelashes? Let us know in the comment section below.


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