March 17, 2017

How Does True Glue Lash Adhesive Work?

Applying Lashes

Our Easy Tips On How To Use Our Natural Glue To Apply Your Lashes!

Even the most skilled lash gurus sometimes need some tips on application. True Glue isn't your regular lash glue, unlike regular lash adhesives, it doesn't have any synthetic and harmful chemicals. Instead it is packed full of ingredients that are acutally beneficial for your lashes and skin. Because it doesn't have the normal harsh chemicals, it doesn't apply normal. To use True Glue it only take an extra minute. Here is our sure fire tips to getting your lashes on flawlessly with True Glue! 1. Trim your lashes to fit your eyes 2. Line the lash band with a standard amount of True Glue, the same amount you would normally use. 3. Here is where it is a tiny bit different, before applying it to your eye, let it set on the band for a minute and 30 seconds. Then apply and gently hold it in place while it dries, this may take a moment. Now once it is on, it is on there! You won't have to worry about it falling off as it's completely water proof. However, because True Glue is so compact you can pop it in your purse to take with you just incase. 4. When you are ready to remove your lashes we recommend taking a Q tip and applying a generous amount of coconut oil to it. Spread it along your lash band on your eye, then gently wiggle of the lash. Do not pull it or you could damage your natural lashes, and we want to keep those beauties lush! Another tip - don't freeze your True Glue. Make sure it stays at room temperature. The natural ingredients won't remain stable in drastic temperatures and it may effect the adhesive quality. Now that you know, get ready to shop! We recommend pairing your True Glue with one of our favourite lash styles, Passion Flower! Got some more questions? Please feel free to contact our team at We would love to help!


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