February 05, 2024

Grammys 2024: Iconic Makeup Looks and the Lashes That Stole the Show

Grammys 2024: Iconic Makeup Looks and the Lashes That Stole the Show

The Grammy Awards are known for showcasing not only the best in music but also the hottest trends in fashion and beauty. This year's Grammy red carpet was no exception, and one trend that stood out prominently was the comeback of long and full lashes. Celebrities graced the event with stunning makeup looks that featured captivating lashes, and we can't help but swoon over them.


Miley Cyrus: Iconic Elegance

Miley Cyrus wowed us with her timeless elegance on the Grammy red carpet. Her makeup featured long lashes that beautifully framed her eyes, a nude lip, and a simple black winged liner. The key to Miley's look was the striking contrast between her lashes and the dark liner.

Long lashes, like the ones Miley sported, can add drama and allure to your overall look. To achieve Miley's iconic elegance, we recommend our True Glue Beauty "Aurora Lashes," which offer length and volume while maintaining a natural appearance.

Miley Cyrus Makeup and Lashes


Taylor Swift: Bold and Beautiful

Taylor Swift graced the Grammys with her bold and beautiful makeup. She flaunted a sharp winged liner that added depth and intensity to her gaze, paired with deep red lips that exuded confidence. What tied her entire look together? Her lashes, of course!

Taylor's lashes played a crucial role in framing her eyes and complementing her bold makeup. To achieve Taylor's dramatic yet classy look, we suggest the True Glue Beauty "Friyay Lashes," designed to enhance your eyes and create a striking effect.

Taylor Swift Lashes


Janelle Monae: Smokey Sensation

Janelle Monae brought the heat with her sultry smokey eye makeup at the Grammys. Her look was completed with full lashes that added a touch of sensuality. The smokey eye trend requires depth and definition, and Janelle's lashes were the perfect finishing touch.

To recreate Janelle's smokey sensation, opt for True Glue Beauty's "Money Maker Lashes," designed to enhance the intensity of your eye makeup and capture that irresistible allure.

Janelle Monae Lashes & Makeup


Dua Lipa: Sun-Kissed Glamour

Dua Lipa graced the Grammys with her sun-kissed glamour. Her makeup featured full brows, full lashes, coral lips, and bronzed skin. The key to her radiant look? Her lashes that opened up her eyes and added a touch of allure.

For Dua's sun-kissed and glamorous style, we recommend the True Glue Beauty "Girlboss Lashes," known for their fullness and natural curl, enhancing the beauty of your eyes effortlessly.

Dua Lipa Makeup and Lashes


Olivia Rodrigo: Timeless Elegance

Olivia Rodrigo channeled Marilyn Monroe vibes at the Grammys, showcasing deep red lips, a beauty mark, a simple black winged liner, and full long lashes. Her look was the epitome of timeless elegance.

To capture Olivia's timeless beauty, choose the True Glue Beauty "Classic Lashes," which offer the perfect blend of length and volume, enhancing your eyes while maintaining a classic charm.

Olivia Rodrigues Makeup


The 2024 Grammys were a treasure trove of iconic makeup looks, and the resurgence of long and full lashes was undeniable. Lashes played a vital role in elevating these styles and creating a lasting impression.

To achieve these celebrity-inspired looks, explore True Glue Beauty's range of lash products that offer the length, volume, and allure you need. Whether you prefer iconic elegance like Miley Cyrus, bold and beautiful like Taylor Swift, sultry sensation like Janelle Monae, sun-kissed glamour like Dua Lipa, or timeless elegance like Olivia Rodrigo, we have the perfect lashes for you.

Visit our website to discover the True Glue Beauty lashes that will help you steal the show with your own iconic makeup look. Explore our True Glue Beauty lash collection now and unleash your inner superstar. 

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