September 23, 2019

Fall 2019 Makeup Trends

Summer is the time to be fresh-faced and au naturel, so by the time fall arrives, there's a good chance you are over the no-makeup makeup look. Its time to say goodbye to sun-kissed skin and hello to sultry fall! We have 4 fresh new makeup trends using True Glue beauty to welcome the fall season! With Fall, that also brings us Halloween, Thanksgiving...and gorgeous, warm makeup looks! Overhauling your makeup routine isn't always easy, before you can dive into your product stash to sort through what you'll keep using and what new products you'll buy, you have to figure out what your fall vibe is going to be. Just as a great leather jacket can transform your fall outfits, these makeup looks make a serious statement. Here, the latest celebrity and runway inspiration with so many gorgeous new beauty trends to try on your eyes, lips, and cheeks this autumn!

Matte Nude Lips

Nude Lipstick The matte nude lip has been a trend since the 90’s and has resurfaced recently thanks to Kim Kardashian. Our go to nude shade at the True Glue headquarters is “Naturally Naked” It is formulated with shea butter and argan oil so it has a perfect, long lasting matte finish that is moisturizing and smooth finishing!

Coloured Eyeliner

Colourful liner Coloured eyeliner has recently been a huge makeup trend! Personally, I love the pink eye’d look. To achieve this dreamy look, you could dip an angled brush into our liquid lipstick Wednesday Pink .

Twiggy Lashes

bottom lashes Also known as spider lashes, Twiggy lashes are super long, defined hairs that draw extra attention up towards the eye. This was an iconic look highly prevalent in the 1960’s that continues to debut in fashion walks. The look can be achieved using Kitty Power and stacking Fancy Nancy on top for a more dramatic look.

Dark Stained Lips

Dark stained lipstick It wouldn’t be fall without a darker shade of lipstick! Darker tones is a tried-and-true fall makeup look, but this year update the staple with a stain with True Glue’s Boy Tears.


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