September 22, 2021

Fake Eyelashes: What You Need to Know

fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are a cheap and easy way to fake luscious long lashes. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to lashes. Luckily for you, we have all the information that you need right here!

Learn what you need to know about buying and wearing your own set of falsies. We cover everything from how to apply them, where to buy the best quality products (*cough cough*), as well as how often to wear fake lashes for maximum lash impact.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about false lashes so that you can be fully informed before buying your faux lashes, as well as what to do if they start falling out mid-day or even worse - in public!

What are fake eyelashes are made of?

Lashes come in a wide variety of different styles and materials.

It is important to note that fake eyelashes are not the same as fake nails or fake hair extensions, but rather are meant to be worn on top of your natural lashes in order to enhance them.

Eyelashes can vary from being made out of real human hair or synthetic fibers, with both options available in either a criss-cross or fake eyelashes pressed band style.

Human hair fake lashes are more expensive, but they can be reused if properly cared for and cleaned after each use. Lashes made out of synthetic fibers tend to last longer than human hair fake lashes since they can also be washed and worn over again (although this type of fake eyelashes typically cannot be reused).

What are the benefits of fake lashes?

Lashes give you an opportunity to wear all sorts of different styles and looks. Whether your goal is to create a natural yet glamorous look, or if you want something more dramatic, fake lashes can allow for endless possibilities depending on how creative you get. Fake lashes can also give you a boost of confidence, as fake eyelashes that are applied correctly can make your eyes look more open and awake.

What is the best way to apply fake eyelashes?

There are several different ways in which false lashes can be worn. These include:

- Align the lash band along natural lash line

- Apply fake eyelash glue to fake lashes and natural lash base (not the skin around your eyes)

- Curl fake eyelashes prior to application using a curler or even just your fingers. *Do not use mascara as it will ruin fake lashes.*

fake eyelashes

How often should you wear fake eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes should be worn in moderation. Fake lashes can also cause your natural lashes to fall out, so fake eyelash wearers tend to lose their real lash hair more quickly than those who do not wear fake eyelashes at all.

What are the best fake lashes?

There is no "best" fake lash brand - it all depends on your fake lashes preferences.

How can fake eyelashes be cleaned?

Fake eyelash wearers typically clean their fake lashes every time after they have been worn. You should use a makeup cleanser or even just warm water to remove any residue from the fake lash band and adhesive prior to storage in order to extend the life of fake eyelashes.

How can fake eyelashes be removed?

Most fake lash bands are designed to dissolve with oil-based makeup removers, however it is best to check the specific fake lashes instructions before using this method as some fake lashes may not adhere to skin or natural lash base easily if they have been applied too tightly. Fake lashes can also be removed by using fake lashes tweezers and a special lash glue remover.

What are the best places to buy fake eyelashes?

There are many different retailers that sell false eyelashes, some of which have free shipping and even more options for purchasing your favorite styles. Some popular online stores include: True Glue Beauty (obviously), Dolls Kill, Party City, Urban Outfitters, Velour Lashes and even your local beauty supply store.

Lashes are meant to be fun! Wear fake lashes to add a flare of beauty and playfulness to your look, but be sure to take care when applying them in order not create an uncomfortable experience. Play around and see what works for you!

fake eyelashes


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