September 29, 2021

Eyelashes Shop: 11 Steps To start your own

eyelashes shop

So you're thinking about starting your own eyelashes shop? That's great! The eyelash industry is worth billions of dollars, so the opportunity for success is tremendous. There are many things to consider when opening a new eyelashes store, but this blog post will walk you through all the steps necessary to start an eyelashes business.

  1. Start by brainstorming company names, logos, and slogans. You should also come up with a name for your eyelashes shop. The company name and eyelash store name are both important factors in the success of an eyelashes business, so take time to brainstorm creative names.

  2. Next you'll need to set goals for yourself as well as your company. What are your goals for the eyelashes store? What is your long term goal? How will you know if you've been successful or not? Think about how much money do you want to make in a year, and what kind of recognition would be considered "successful."

  3. Before starting an eyelash business it's important to read up on eyelash industry trends and understand the eyelashes business. Make sure to know what eyelash products are available, which eyelashes brands are popular with customers, where your competition is located, etc.. This information will help you make informed decisions about opening an eyelashes shop.

  4. Make a list of products you would like to sell in your eyelashes store as well as all the services you will provide for customers. You may need help from an eyelashes business consultant or attorney when deciding which eyelashes supplies are necessary to keep on hand at your eyelash shop.

  5. While it is important not to overstock eyelashes, it is equally important not to under stock eyelashes. Make sure you have a wide variety of eyelash styles and colors before opening your store.

  6. Next, work on choosing a location for your eyelashes shop. You can choose to rent or buy a physical store, but many eyelash companies are starting up their shops online and simply having customers come to them. Wherever you decide on will have an impact on the type of business plan that is necessary for success. If you choose to open a physical eyelashes shop, you will use a location-specific business model. For example, a salon would focus on foot traffic and people going in for eyelash extensions or other services. Either way, we recommend having an e-commerce option to shop your products and build your brand.

  7. Many eyelash companies are niche specific, so you should try to find something that will set your eyelashes store apart. What makes your different? What makes your brand unique? These are all questions that you should be thinking about when designing your eyelashes store.

  8. Marketing is another key part of eyelash shops, and it can make or break a new business. You will need to market yourself in every way possible if you want customers to come in the door - social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to market eyelashes. You can also hold eyelash extension parties, host events at your store location, virtual events and more!

  9. Also consider the type of eyelashes you will be selling. Are you going to sell eyelashes wholesale? Will they be made with human hair or synthetic fibers? Every eyelash company is different, so this part depends heavily on your eyelashes store.

  10. When planning the business, think about the values you want to stand for. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable, cruelty-free, earth-conscious, and plant-based options — and it's important that entrepreneur eyelash companies are providing these eyelashes. The eyelashes industry can make a huge impact on the environment, so it's important that you think about how your eyelashes shop will be sustainable.

  11. Now start getting the name out there! Get active and grow your social media pages, pitch your story to editors, start a podcast, build your personal brand as the founder. Look into partnering with popular beauty influencers on social media and offer them an affiliate link.

Now that you have all these steps written down, it's time to start working on them! You should be well on your way to opening up shop after following this simple guide to get you started! Good luck and happy lashing!

If you want to learn more about building a business, we recommend checking our this entrepreneurship course by True Glue founder Emily Lyons.


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