October 24, 2017

3 Ideas for Turning Your Makeup Routine into an Eco-Friendly Activity

Eco Friendly Makeup
Grabbing yourself a tube of True Glue – a natural eyelash adhesive – is a good step towards becoming more eco-friendly with your makeup habits. But there is something else you can do, too, beyond switching to completely organic makeup: simply make a few adjustments to your makeup routine. Fact is, most of us have pretty eco-unfriendly makeup routines. We invest so much time and care into choosing products which are good and nourishing for our skin and bodies (and doesn’t harm the planet), but sometimes overlook some of the more “obvious” ways to be an eco-conscious makeup addict. So how can you turn your makeup routine into a more eco-conscious one? Here are some ideas.
  • Don’t throw away your makeup products unless they’ve expired. I know, I know – we’ve all been excited about getting a new makeup product to try, and decide to throw out our older products which don’t have much makeup left in them anyway. But real talk? It’s not at all eco-conscious to throw away makeup products which you haven’t completely used up! Since resources are required – taken straight from the earth – to produce every makeup collection you have, it’s a much better idea to continue using your makeup until they expire (or give your older makeup products away to friends, family, and so on).
  • Choose makeup products with biodegradable packaging. Eco-friendly makeup is more than just the special ingredients in the actual makeup. It also means packaging which is biodegradable and/or earth-friendly. So next time you’re on the prowl for bona fide all-natural cosmetics, double-check the packaging label to see if the packaging itself is also eco-friendly.
  • Get washable cloths instead of disposable wipes for cleaning your face. Disposable wipes are convenient – pass the wipe over your face a couple of times, and toss! Then pick up a brand new, clean wipe to begin the process all over again. Suffice it to say, though, that continuing to do this means you’ll wind up using hundreds upon hundreds of disposable wipes over the years. A more eco-conscious alternative? Get yourself some soft, washable cloths to wipe your face with. That way, not only are you using just one product to clean your face (instead of multiple wipes every time), but you are also saving money in the end, too!
Of course, choosing all-natural, organic cosmetic products is one of the most significant steps you can take towards becoming more eco-conscious. That’s why True Glue has launched several new completely organic lines of lip glosses – and more.


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