August 20, 2021

Clean Beauty Movement

Clean Beauty Movement

The Clean Beauty Movement is a movement that encourages people to avoid chemical-laden products and switch to natural ones. The idea behind the movement is simple: if you have sensitive skin, then it makes sense to use products that are gentler on your body. But why should we care about clean beauty? Well, there are many reasons! Here are 11 ways using clean beauty can improve your life!

  1. It's generally better for the environment. Clean beauty products are made from natural ingredients without any nasty chemicals. These chemicals are often harmful to the environment and can damage soil, waterways, etc. Clean beauty products are more sustainable (both for humans and our planet).

  2. You'll sleep better! Chemical-laden products have been known to mess with your hormones which in turn impacts how well you're able to fall asleep at night. If you want a good night's rest, clean beauty is the way to go!

  3. You'll feel better too. Chemical-laden products can give you a headache, make your skin itch or irritate it and even cause respiratory problems like asthma (or worsen existing ones). Clean beauty products are generally easier on sensitive skin and won't trigger any allergies.

  4. If you have children, clean beauty is the way to go because it's safer for them too. Cleaner products reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies, which is especially important for children.

  5. It smells better than chemicals! (who wants to smell like a lemon or lavender?). Regular beauty products are laden with artificial scents and chemicals. Clean beauty products, on the other hand, are made with natural ingredients like essential oils which smell really nice!

  6. It's cheaper than traditional products. Clean beauty products are typically less expensive because they're made of natural ingredients which means you won't have to worry about the cost!

  7. Your skin will look better and more radiant. This is because clean beauty products are much gentler on your skin and don't cause breakouts (or worsen them).

  8. You'll feel better about yourself! You can feel confident in the knowledge that you're not putting harmful chemicals onto your body, which will also make others trust you more.

  9. It's better for your health. Chemical-laden products have been known to cause cancer, reproductive organ damage and more serious problems in the long run. Clean beauty products can help you live a longer life!

  10. You'll have less acne breakouts (or, if you already suffer from this problem, clean beauty will help get rid of them). Chemical-laden products can cause breakouts or make them worse by irritating your skin.

  11. It's better for animals! Chemical companies often have animal testing policies that use live animals to test their new formulas and products. Clean beauty alternatives are not tested on any living beings, which is much more humane (and less painful!)

Did we miss any benefits? They are endless and we could easily list 100. Let us know your favourite benefits below! Whatever the reason is, we want to know why you love the clean beauty movement so much!


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