December 05, 2017

Castor Oil -- What It Does (And Why It’s in Your Lash Glue)

Best Lash Glue
Did you know that one of the main ingredients in True Glue’s all-natural eyelash adhesives is castor oil? This, of course, begs the following question: why did the chemists behind the True Glue organic eyelash glue choose to add a few dollops of castor oil to the ingredients? And what exactly does castor oil do to your skin and hair health? Castor oil is derived from the castor oil plant -- a flowering plant which thrives in warm, moist environments. Although castor oil is used extensively in industry applications (for machine part lubrication, for example), it is its medicinal applications which interest skincare aficionados. The use of castor oil as a medicine has a long history. For instance, the Lobedu people -- in Southern Africa -- discovered that castor oil was useful in treating animal skin diseases, as well as eye inflammations. Today, castor oil is still employed to improve human health. It is used as a topical wound care agent, and -- as you know -- it’s found in organic cosmetic products, like True Glue lash adhesives. So what happens when you apply a bit of a castor oil-based substance on or near your eyelashes? To begin, castor oil -- by virtue of its chemical properties -- attracts water molecules from the surrounding air, gently moisturizing your eyelash hairs. And moisturized hair means healthier hair, because hair needs water to remain flexible and well-nourished. What else does castor oil do for you? Because castor oil contains a fairly large amount of vitamin E, you receive protection against hair loss when you apply this glossy oil to your skin. This is because vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, so it combats free radicals that would otherwise accumulate in your hair cells (leading to hair loss). Thus -- because True Glue lash adhesive contains castor oil -- using it to put on your falsies gives deep moisturizing health to your own, natural eyelashes. Like many natural oils, castor oil helps to “scrub” dirt, grime, and other small particles off your skin and hair, which is why many people have reported great success in employing castor oil to clear up acne. And when it coats over your hair, castor oil wards off pollutants -- preventing unhealthy chemicals and grit from accumulating in your hair. All things considered, castor oil is an invaluable addition to many organic makeup products -- including True Glue. For all of these health reasons, and more, the chemists behind the True Glue formula decided to add castor oil to the mix of organic ingredients to result in the best lash glue on the market!


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