March 30, 2016

Ask an Expert: Best Lash Glue and Lash Extensions FAQ

Ask an Expert: Best Lash Glue and Lash Extensions FAQ
We get a lot of questions about our regular True Glue lash glue and our new salon grade lash extension glue from our subscribers. So in this quick article we're going to distill all these questions down into 5 of the more common ones. That means if you have any questions about the best lash glue and eyelash extensions, check this article out first! Let's begin with one of the most frequently asked questions ever… 1. What are some of the toxic chemicals found in most lash adhesives? By now it's no secret to many women that lash glues have some rather questionable ingredients. For example, a harmful ingredient you'll find in many store-bought lash adhesives is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an industrial-grade chemical used in a variety of highly toxic materials (including chemical weapons previously used by the military). Shockingly, formaldehyde is known to be a carcinogen – it inflicts damage on your DNA that can ultimately lead to cancer. But it doesn't stop at formaldehyde. You'll also find these chemicals in many lash adhesives: proprietary ester, urethane, and cyanoacrylate. These chemicals are all harmful to your body: they'll seep into your skin and damage your sensitive eyelids and your organs. Not only do they contribute to the aging of your eyes, but they can also cause nasty allergic reactions that leave you with puffy, swollen eyes on that one night out that you wanted to look your hottest! 2. Why is True Glue a safer alternative to traditional lash adhesives? True Glue is created from completely natural, organic ingredients. You'll find the following wholesome ingredients in every tube of True Glue: rose water, chamomile extract, biotin, candelila wax, geranium, glycerin, and castor oil. We encourage you to look these ingredients up for yourself to verify just how healthful they are for your skin! These ingredients create an absolutely soothing experience, as they contribute to the growth of your natural eyelashes and they won't result in any nasty allergies. All in all, True Glue is so much safer than traditional lash glues because every one of its ingredients creates a healthy, positive result for your skin and overall health. 3. What kinds of lash extensions are there? You will typically encounter three main types of lash extensions: silk, mink, and synthetic. Once you've chosen the kind of lash extension you want, a salon specialist carefully applies those lashes piece by piece – gluing them on with lash adhesive. 4. Can lash glue drip into my eyes? Hopefully not. When the lash technician is applying the eyelash extensions, you'll have your eyes shut closed. However, even if lash glue can't drip into your eyes, you can still have an irritating allergic reaction to the toxic chemicals – like formaldehyde – found in many lash glues. 5. My eyes tear up when I go to get my eyelash extensions done. Why? If your eyes tear up when the lash technician is applying the fake lashes, then one of two possible things is happening. First, the lash technician might not actually be as well-trained as you thought, with the result that she or he is doing something that causes your eyes to hurt. Second, it could very well be the lash glue that's being used: a lash glue with toxic chemicals can certainly cause your eyes to tear up. So next time you're at the salon, ask about True Glue!


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