January 20, 2017

Best Eyelash Glue - What Works Without The Nasty Chemicals

Best Eyelash Glue

Best Eyelash Glue - What Works Without The Nasty Chemicals

Choosing the best eyelash glue may seem simple. However, it may come as a surprise to some of you but eyelash glue is one of the most toxic beauty products out there. Finding the best eyelash glue is not only important for your makeup look, but for your health. Your eye is a mucus membrane and whatever you are applying to it is going into your blood stream. One of the main chemicals in most eyelash glues is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a confirmed carcinogen by the national cancer society and isn't meant to be on your skin, let alone your eye. However, be weary of glues toting "formaldehyde free" versions, as they have most likely replaced one toxic chemical with another. In addition to the health concerns with these ingredients, the harshness of these products can prematurely age your eye area. We wear lashes to look beautiful, but not to make us look older after the fact. Be weary with what exactly is in your eyelash glue. With whatever eyelash glue you choose, make sure you know how to properly remove it. Tearing off lashes can not only ruin the fake lashes rendering unable to be reused, but rip out your own natural lashes and irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. We recommend using coconut oil applied to a cotton swab. Put a generous amount along the base of the lashes where the glue is, it should help slide the lashes off easily. Once off use tweezers to gently remove any remaining glue on the band. So what is the best eyelash glue? Well obviously we are a bit biased when it comes to that. Our True Glue lash adhesive was formulated over a year and a half span to provide a product that was not only safe, but beneficial for your skin and natural lashes. To learn more about our eyelash glue visit our FAQ page here, or contact us directly at Happy lash love! xo


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