February 11, 2018

Beauty and Makeup Advice to Avoid Like the Plague

Organic Makeup
Occasionally, bad beauty advice runs amok on social media – causing not a few cringe-worthy makeup moments. Even before the advent of social media, nonsensical beauty “tips” would appear in popular magazines and TV shows. For example, in a magazine for teen girls, the following advice was dispensed: if your mom doesn’t let you wear blush, just pinch your cheeks to give yourself that blushed appearance. First of all, ouch. Second of all, this is “horribad” beauty advice because pinching your cheeks can break blood vessels and create premature wrinkles. Needless to say: don’t pinch your cheeks if you’ve run out of blush. And, along with that suggestion, we’ve got other suggestions for you, too: here’s some beauty and makeup “advice” to avoid like the plague, even if that one random internet stranger thinks everyone should try it. The Bad Advice: To easily clean your brushes, soak them overnight in soapy, hot water. The Fate That Will Befall You If You Follow This Advice: You’ll wake up. You’ll (sleepily) mosey on over to those brushes you’ve left in water. You’ll pick up a brush and notice that it’s much more of a stub than an actual bristle-filled brush. That’s because the hot water and soap makes the brush bristles fall out. The Bad Advice: Have a sunburn? Squeeze some lemon juice all over it. The Fate That Will Befall You If You Follow This Advice: You might not howl in pain (then again, you might), but nevertheless, putting lemon juice on your sunburn will not only damage your already-injured skin tissue – but it could also leave scarring (thankfully, it usually won’t be permanent scarring). The Bad Advice: If you don’t have time to apply your makeup in the morning, simply put it on the night before (and sleep in your makeup). The Fate That Will Befall You If You Follow This Advice: This could be filed under the category of laughably bad advice, if it weren’t for the not-so-hilarious fact that some women actually follow this suggestion and sleep in their makeup. Sleeping in your makeup will cause your skin to break out way more, for starters; plus, if the makeup isn’t all-natural and organic, then it’s got plenty of toxic chemicals which will damage your skin as you sleep. Not good. What about you? What bad advice have you heard? Feel free to let us know your own stories of grappling with nightmarish beauty advice – and if you want makeup products that are more “dreamy” than “nightmarish,” shop True Glue’s collection of all-natural, chemical free cosmetics.


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