September 15, 2021

If You're Allergic to Eyelash Glue, This Solution Is For You

allergic to eyelash glue

If you're allergic to eyelash glue, this solution is for you! This article will discuss how to find a safe adhesive that doesn't irritate the eyes. It also goes in depth about proper application techniques and what to do if your lashes fall off or come loose prematurely. Safety should always be a priority when it comes to cosmetics, so make sure you read these tips before deciding on an adhesive.

First, what are the causes to developing an allergy to lash glue?

  1. Lack of eyelash care.

    Make sure to clean your lashes with a gentle soap and warm water after each wear. Never use petroleum jelly, wax, or any other type of product on the lash line because it can invoke an allergic reaction when exposed to glue. If you experience irritation while wearing false lashes, make sure that they are clean. Do not share them with anyone else to avoid cross-contamination and possible infection from bacteria or fungus. If you do experience irritation, make sure that the glue is removed immediately after removing your lashes by using a gentle makeup remover on a cotton swab or pad soaked in warm water.

  2. Harsh chemicals in the eyelash glue.

    Most lash glues are made up of only three ingredients, but it's the chemical composition that matters. Many adhesives contain latex or formaldehyde because they have a strong hold on the lashes and don't dry out as quickly. The problem with these chemicals is that some people may be allergic to them which can lead to eye irritation after wearing false lashes.

  3. You have sensitive skin/eyes.

    This is common for people that are just starting to wear eyelash extensions or strip lashes, but it's also possible to develop an allergy after many years of wearing them. Sensitive eyes can be irritated by the glue itself or even detergents used in removing the adhesive from your lashes.

Now, what is the solution?

Find an all-natural, sensitive lash glue that is free of harsh chemicals. Use a proper lash shampoo to cleanse your eyes daily. Keeping clean of dirt and bacteria. Moisturize your eye area.

What eyelash glue should you use?

True Glue all-natural lash glue is a latex-free, formaldehyde-free eyelash adhesive that is safe for sensitive eyes and lash extensions. It dries quickly without sacrificing performance or elasticity, making it the perfect choice for strip lashes, individual lashes, and even lace front wigs!

True Glue's all natural formula will not irritate sensitive eyes and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. It's also extremely strong, which means you can sleep in your lashes without worrying about them falling off or becoming loose & flimsy all day long.

True Glue eyelash glue dries quickly while remaining flexible for added comfort during wear! The best part? No more itchy eyes after removing your lashes!


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