September 21, 2021

Adhesive for Lashes: Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful

adhesive for lashes

I get it - adhesive for lashes is not the most glamorous topic to write about. But, choosing the right adhesive for your lashes is important! You can make your eyes look beautiful with a perfect pair of lashes. There are many adhesive products on the market, so how do you know which one to choose? If you want to know more about the best adhesive for lashes, then read on!

First of all, what the heck is lash adhesive?

Strip lashes are temporary lashes applied with specially formulated adhesive for lashes. The lashes are available in different thicknesses, materials, shapes, colors and styles to create a unique look for you. Using the right adhesive for lashes will ensure easy application, long lasting wear, and beautiful results.

Most people prefer using an adhesive product that is already pre-mixed - kind of like mascara. These are called adhesive products "ready to use." You can find adhesive that have a "brush applicator" or in a tube to distribute and apply with a Q tip.

The two most important things when choosing the right adhesive is the ease of us, and the ingredients. When using an adhesive that is hard to use, you risk ruining your makeup, getting frustrated and wasting adhesive. When applying, be sure to apply an even amount along the lash band and wait 30 seconds for it to become tacky.

Most adhesive products are made with a latex base, but there is also adhesive for lashes that's formulated without a latex base and instead use an acrylate free formula. The reason why you want to avoid the latex based adhesive is because it can cause allergic reactions - plus, they don't last as long! Avoid products containing chemicals like formaldehyde and ammonia, which can irritate your eyes. If you're sensitive, look for adhesive that's hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist tested adhesive with no harsh chemicals to help reduce the risk of infection or allergic reactions.

As far as price, adhesive products can range from $20 - $30. If it's your first time applying lashes, we recommend buying adhesive in a tube so it will be easier to use and control the amount of adhesive used on each lash band.

There are many adhesive products available on the market, so if you find one that works for you - stick with it. But keep in mind what I mentioned above: make sure it's not too thick or clumpy, ease of use is important as well as ingredients, and be sure to buy in bulk if you do this often.

By using adhesive for lashes in the right way, you can make your eyes look beautiful and stand out with those gorgeous falsies! Of course there are other ways to make your eyes look beautiful as well - like with lash primers and mascara. But lashes are the icing on the already beautiful cake!


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