February 12, 2015

9 Reasons To Switch To An All Natural Lash Glue

9 Reasons To Switch To An All Natural Lash Glue

9 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Current Eyelash Glue Immediately!

You may not think that an eyelash glue is doing much damage, after all it's just a small strip being applied to your lash line right? Wrong. Find our 9 reasons you should go all natural today.
1. Your Eye Is A Mucous Membrane - Toxins and chemicals applied to the eye are quickly absorbed directly into the blood stream. As anyone who has chopped onions knows the burning feeling your eyes get, this is because our eyes are very adept at absorbing various compounds. You wouldn't knowingly eat toxic chemicals, so stop absorbing them!
2. They All Contain Chemicals - Don't be fooled by the labels on your glue. Actually read the ingredients as there are no other all natural lash glues on the market. Although there may be some that are formaldehyde, latex and ammonia free they contain other toxic synthetic chemicals such as Arcylates/ethylhexyl (endocrine disruptor) or sodium dodecylbenzene sultanate (Skin and eye irritant with possibly eye damage). But don't take our word for it, read the ingredients on your glue - you will be sadly surprised.
3. Formaldehyde Is A Carcinogen - If you're using one of the more popular lash glues you may or may not know it contains formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a confirmed carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute. Pain is beauty, but it shouldn't be deadly.
4. They're Aging You - We're wearing lashes because we want to look beautiful, so why would we age ourselves in the process? Just like eye cream these chemicals are being absorbed into the skin. These harsh chemicals slowly build up in the delicate skin of the eyelid, prematurely aging the whole eye area.
5. Dry & Brittle Lashes - Have you ever noticed after a few days wearing your fav falsies your lashes are dry and brittle? These glues wreak havoc on your natural lashes. True Glue contains biotin to help strengthen and encourage lash growth, and chamomile and rose water to soothe the area.
6. Animal Testing - No explanation needed. It's 2015 and no one wants to support these practises.
7. Eco Friendly - We all want to have a beautiful planet. From the chemicals to the packaging these glues are environmentally damaging.
8. Nasty Smells - The majority of lash glues smell NASTY, and if they don't it's because they contain an artificial fragrance. True Glue lash adhesive smells beautiful due to the natural rose water and geranium.
9. Why Not - Why wouldn't you use something that not only works, but smells better, is good for your skin and makes your lashes grow? #nobrainer


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