April 04, 2016

The Top 10 Reasons to Try an All-Natural Lash Glue

All-Natural Lash Glue
Today on the True Glue blog, we’re running down the top 10 reasons you will want to try an all-natural lash glue for your next night out. Let us begin! 1) Lash glues have ingredients that are downright toxic. Stuff like formaldehyde (classified as a carcinogen) and latex. These can cause allergic reactions that'll swell up your eyes and make them itch. And even if they don't affect you right away, they'll still accelerate the aging of your eye area. That's a pretty unpleasant thought. An all-natural lash adhesive has only organic ingredients that are friendly and beneficial to your skin, so why wouldn't you want to give that a try? 2) Because most lash glues have caustic chemicals, they often smell kinda awful. Some women report standard lash glues as smelling like gasoline. Yuck. Our all-natural lash adhesives have rose water, which naturally gives it a pleasant aroma. What's more, because our organic lash glues don't have any toxic chemicals, there's nothing in it that's going go smell bad in the first place! 3) It's an easy way to look hot while also strengthening your eyelashes. You see, a lot of times women have to sacrifice their long-term health in order to look great right now. But our all-natural lash glues change all that. True Glue, for example, has biotin as one of its main ingredients, so every time you apply this lash adhesive, it's working for your health: strengthening and healing your natural lashes every time. 4) A date can't very easily object to that, right? ;) 5) Rose water will also naturally moisturize your eyes. Just one more reason you'll be looking great when you using our all-natural lash glue. 6) You like cute lil' animals right? Well, our organic lash glues True Glue are cruelty-free; that means it's not tested on animals, unlike many other lash glues which are tested on animals – causing a great deal of suffering for animals who never asked for this. 7) You won't be polluting the environment. Like...ever. Because the ingredients of True Glue straight to the packaging is biodegradable – they'll quickly break down in the environment in a natural way. 8) It can help fight off wrinkles around the eyes. Because True Glue has castor oil. And castor oil easily penetrates the skin and amps up the production of collagen, which smooths your skin. This pairs well with #4. 9) Chamomile extract found in our natural lash glues soothes your skin. Chamomile extract contains flavanoids, which soothe your skin in a healthy, beneficial way and are easily absorbed by your eyelids. 10) Because why not try something that's new and different and loaded with only natural ingredients that make your eyes feel better and make you feel more gorgeous?


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