True Glue Eyelash Curler in Rose Gold

$19.00 CAD


Something that needs to be on your checklist of things-that-elevate-the-gorgeousness-of-my-eyes: an eyelash curler. Like this one. It’s especially perfect for you if you’re a straight-lashed girl – and want your eyes to look fuller and wider.

Get ready make your own waves


Why you’ll love this: First of all, it is Rose Gold. It also happens to be a high quality curler with elastic silicone strip, carbon steel frame and double line handle that will add a lot of value to your make-up bag.


WEIGHT 0.022 kg DIMENSIONS 3.5 × 11.6 × 3.5 cm SEND ME THIS ITEM Every 30 days, Every 60 days, Every 90 days, Once


Start by curling the tips of your lashes with the curler. Then move the curler a little closer to your lash line, and continue curling until you reach the base of your lashes.