December 18, 2022

Effortlessly Flawless: A Guide to Easily Applying False Lashes

How To Apply Lashes

Are you tired of spending hours trying to get your false lashes to look just right? At True Glue Beauty, we know that applying false lashes can be a challenge, which is why we've put together this guide to help you achieve the perfect lash look with ease.

First things first, it's important to choose the right lashes for your look. There are a range of options to choose from, including natural, dramatic, and everything in between. Consider the occasion and your personal style when selecting your lashes.

Next, you'll need to prepare your lashes and your eye area. Begin by gently removing any excess oil or makeup from your lashes and your eyelids using a gentle cleanser or makeup remover. This will help the lashes stay in place longer.

Now it's time to apply the glue. Most false lashes come with a small tube of glue, but if you're using a separate lash glue, be sure to use a high-quality, latex-free formula to avoid irritation. Apply a thin line of glue to the base of the lashes, making sure to get the corners and center. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become slightly tacky before applying the lashes.

To apply the lashes, hold the lashes against your natural lash line and gently press down to secure them in place. You can use a lash applicator or tweezers to help apply the lashes if needed. If you have any gaps or unevenness, you can fill in with a liquid or gel eyeliner.

To finish the look, use a spoolie brush or a clean mascara wand to blend your natural lashes with the false lashes. If you're using mascara, be sure to apply it before the glue dries completely to avoid clumps.

And that's it! With a little practice and the right tools, applying false lashes can be quick and easy. So why wait? Visit True Glue Beauty today to browse our selection of high-quality false lashes and all of your natural beauty needs.


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