July 12, 2021

The Beauty Trends That Have Taken Over 2021

Glam lashes and brows

The beauty world is always changing, and it's no different in 2021. The year is half over and we've seen several trends dominate the industry. Here are some of the most tantalizing developments to watch for this year and beyond.

1. Volume:

We've seen a trend of fuller lashes, thicker brows and dewier lips this year. It's not to say that natural looks are going anywhere, but volume is in the air!

Glam lashes and brows

2. Nude Makeup:

The look has been around for awhile now, but it really seemed to pop into prominence this year!

Nude Makeup

3. Pink Hair:

A sure sign of a trend is when it starts showing up on celebs. Not only have we seen this color pop up more and more, but the pastel shade has also been added to the mix!

Pink Hair

4. Lipstick Palettes:

We've seen the makeup world go through a major shift from lipsticks to lipstick palettes.

beauty trends in 2021

5. Minimalism:

The beauty world has been going through a major shift from full-coverage makeup to more minimalist looks.

clean beauty trends

6. The "No Makeup"

Look: We've seen major influencers like Tati and Jaclyn Hill promote the natural look.

no makeup makeup

7. Eye Makeup:

We've seen a trend away from eyeliner and more towards pops of color in the eye - think neon pink, purple or green!

beauty trends 2021

What are your thoughts on these trends? Which ones do you think will stick around in 2021 and beyond?" We're just getting started. Be sure to stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow on all of our favorite beauty trends in 2021!


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