June 11, 2018

3 Ways True Glue’s Revolutionary New Makeup Will Change Your Makeup Game

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Throughout your journey of makeup exploration, you’ve likely run into several challenges. And one of the biggest challenges we’ve seen is this: finding makeup products that stick on you for a long time (instead of coming off or smudging after just a few hours), while also being extremely safe for your skin and not clogging pores. It’s quite the challenge, and is the source of much frustration among makeup lovers. But True Glue has recently toppled that challenge by introducing – for the first time ever – a makeup line that’s long-lasting and totally safe for your skin and health. (All of the ingredients in True Glue’s new makeup line are non-toxic. So, for example, it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde or latex.) This is pretty revolutionary, actually, because it’s never been done before – and solves so many makeup problems you might have experienced. “What sort of problems does it solve?” you ask. Here, we outline several true-to-life scenarios where True Glue’s new line of safe-and-long-lasting makeup products will make things way, way easier for you – and forever change your makeup game. Scenario #1: You’ve got to get up early for work... ...And it takes you like thirty minutes or an hour – maybe two hours – to put your makeup on. So, normally, you’d have to get up extra early – perhaps even before the sun’s rays have burst across the horizon. But, you’re just NOT a morning person. Snooze buttons get you going like Simon Cowell pushing his red buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent – you keep pressing them. Again and again – until you finally manage to remind yourself that coffee is a thing and can work wonders in the morning. That, at least, may have been how things have panned out for you – until now. Because now True Glue has launched its new makeup line – the first of its kind – which is extremely smudge-resistant and totally safe on your skin. Even if your wear it for hours on end. So now – if you’re the very antithesis of a morning person – you can just apply your makeup right before you go to bed. It won’t age your skin as you sleep, or spark a horrible breakout. Then, when your alarm goes off early in the morning, you won’t have a rush of fear-and-self-loathing at the thought of getting to work late because you took too long to put your makeup on. And you won’t have to sit in front of the mirror – struggling to keep your eyes open – as you drowsily (so drowsily) initiate your makeup routine. Instead, you’ll be ready to go – with your makeup totally on point – as soon as you get up. Scenario #2: There’s a new boyfriend or girlfriend in your life who you’ve got the hots for... (understandably) you want to look hot, too. But there’s one thing in the way of accomplishing that mission: that dreadful “racoon eyes” phenomenon – something well-known to any girl who’s slept over at a guy’s place while wearing makeup. No need to abort the mission, though! Now that you can get True Glue’s long-lasting, unsmudgeable, and kind-to-your-skin makeup, you can sleep over without looking like a raccoon or panda bear when you wake up. (And the super-safe ingredients used in True Glue’s makeup means you won’t have toxic chemicals choking and clogging your pores overnight.) Scenario #3: Say you love going to the gym (or not)... ...except whenever you workout in your makeup, it starts running. And not in the boosting-your-cardio sort of way, either. This, indeed, is one possible side effect of mixing sweat with makeup. Which means you might have to spend extra time re-doing your makeup. Or emerge from the gym not looking the way you want to. In this scenario, too, True Glue’s hard-to-come-off, safe-for-your-skin makeup line is an instant solution to this problem. Now – because of True Glue’s exclusive makeup formula – you can put your makeup on before hitting the gym. And end your workout still looking like you just applied your makeup.Makeup is fun. But it’s even more fun when it’s both safe for you and long-lasting. So have a look at True Glue’s revolutionary makeup line now.


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