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The Hottest New Makeup Trends of 2019

Now that some of the biggest events of the year have passed (think: the Grammys and Golden Globes) it’s clear to see what makeup looks are going to dominate this year!

While some classics are still out to play, there are some new kids on the block that are looking to make a splash. Check out some of the hottest makeup trends of 2019!


1. Colours are in!



In recent years, we may have scoffed at the idea of wearing a neon pink eyeshadow or even a sapphire blue lip, but that was then, and this is now. Bold colours make a statement that just can’t be matched. That green lipstick from two Halloweens ago collecting dust in your makeup bag? Now it can be the center of an Insta-worthy look!

Don’t be afraid to try a burst of colour this year!


2. Bold Eyes


Organic Color Eyeliner


In 2019, your eyes should be the star of the show. From smokey looks to funky geometric patterns there are more choices than ever! You don’t need to create a masterpiece, but it’s fun to experiment with different colours and shapes!


3. Coloured Lash Adhesives


Natural Lash Glue


There’s no reason that lash adhesives should only come in one colour. Nor should they cause allergic reactions from their less than savoury ingredients. That’s why True Glue came up with their best-selling coloured lash adhesives!

These adhesives use high-quality natural ingredients like lavender, castor oil, aloe vera and many more to not only keep your lashed in place, but to also benefit your eyelid’s health. Their skin-friendly formula and animal cruelty-free product make them a must-have in 2019! Grab yours here.


4. Natural “No Makeup” Look


Gigi Hadid Makeup Tutorial


While the name might be a tad misleading, this look is making a comeback. With a focus on dewy glowing skin and barely-there lipstick, the natural look is really about accentuating your features.

A far cry form contouring and “baking” ones face, this look thrives on seeming as effortless as possible. Stock up on nude makeup and subtle lip shades to capture this look.


5. Metallics



Bronze, silver, and gold aren’t just for the Olympics. You can incorporate metallics to your almost any part of your look. Metallics give your face a vivid pop of colour. From brilliant eyeshadow to bright lipstick, your look will hint at an air of sophistication that only metallics can bring.


6. Red Lips


Red Lipstick


This classic has truly withstood the test of time. Everyone knows that once you’ve found the perfect red, you stick with it forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but you certainly cherish it. Every woman should have a signature red in her makeup arsenal.

Recently, red lips have been paired with other non-conventional makeup styles (looking at you zigzag brows), they can serve as a great anchor for your look when you’re trying something new.

Did we miss any? Let us know what new makeup trend you’ll be trying out this year!

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