May 14, 2021

True Beauty Is Kindness

true beauty

While True Glue is devoted to non-toxic products and celebrating the diverse beauty of everyone, we’re more than that - true beauty is kindness! Kindness to the earth, animals and to each other. That’s why True Glue is more than just makeup, it is a brand with true meaning, invested in giving back and making a difference.

We’re happy to announce that every month, we will be calculating 5% - 10% of the company’s profits to give back to charities involved with three causes we are passionate about: the environment, animals and people in need.

To that end, we will be selecting different charities each month such as missions and charities against animal testing, animal shelters, environmental groups, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, cancer patients, and so on. We are open to suggestions of charities near to your heart as well! Follow us on social media where we’ll regularly update you on which charities we’re supporting, and how.

For example, last month we donated lashes for cancer patients, and next to the David Suzuki Foundation. Next month we are thinking of donating to Optimism Place and The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT).

On the manufacturing end, we are constantly sourcing new materials to change our packaging to 100% eco-friendly materials, as well as our shipping mailers. On top of that, we are expanding our non-toxic product lines that will be carefully researched, deliver beautiful results and will be hand-made rather than mass-produced. We are focusing on sourcing everything in North America as much as possible, and removing any non-vegan/non-clean ingredients from our high-performing and unique products.

Our mission to give back, to touch as many lives as possible. To do good and to empower others is engrained in every aspect of this company - nothing makes us happier than making the world a better place.


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