June 05, 2020

The Top 7 Makeup Trends for 2020!

Makeup Trends

2020 has proven to be a WILD year, and the makeup trends are no different. Take a peak at some of the edgier ones we are loving.

1. The Colourful Eyeliners Trend

Colourful eyeliner - makeup trends 2020
Photo via @mua_yuliapishchelina

We LOVE this trend! Its perfect for Pride makeup or just sprucing up the everyday. It's a super easy way to switch things up and add some spice to the everyday

2. The Animal Print Designs Trend

Creative makeup trends
Via @sydneylcarlson

Where all the tiger king fans at?! This look is super unique but not for the faint of heart. Could be fun to try for a special occasion or makeup tutorial!

3. The Glossy Lids Trend

Via @ellieaddis

We love the glossy lids trend - its cheap and super easy! Just apply a few dots and use your finger to blend it over your eye. Voila! Shiny, catchy eye makeup!

4. The Pastel Makeup Trend

Via @namvo
Pastel makeup
Via @yadavillaret
Pastel Makeup

Beautiful pastels are making makeup waves in 2020! From liners to shadows and gradients. Give this trend a try for a feminine take on the neon trend.

5. The Coloured Mascara Trend

Via @tominamakeup

We are SO here for this! Just like the bright eyeliner trend, colourful mascara is heating up. A nice way to switch things up from the everyday. Try different colours to really make your eyes pop!

6. The Colourful Smokey Eyes Trend

Colourful smokey eye - makeup trends 2020
Via @alexeeva_victoria
Via @elena_sanko_make_up
Via @tominamakeup

Out are the days of black and grey smokey eyes, bring in the colours! Experiment with different colours and definitely have fun with this look!

7. The Bedazzled Makeup Trend

Via @lapetitevengeance

Time to spice up your life baby! Creative makeup is the best makeup, and adding rhinestones or other gems helps you tap into that! Perfect for pride, a festival or just having fun!

What trends are you trying in 2020? Share them with us below! We'd love to hear from you! Be sure to follow along on our social media at @True_glue_beauty and tag us in all your fun looks.


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