June 04, 2015

The Science Behind True Glue Lash Adhesive and Why It’s Good for You

Eyelash Adhesive
If you haven’t heard, you can now procure some lash glue that’s made from all natural ingredients. This means you don’t need to apply harmful chemicals to the delicate skin of your eyelids. Chemicals like formaldehyde. And ammonia. These, after all, are just some of the caustic industrial chemicals mixed up with most lash adhesives. Indeed, some researchers have even suggested that formaldehyde could be used in chemical weapons! Clearly, this isn’t a chemical that you want seeping into your pores and flowing into your blood. Which makes True Glue particularly interesting. All of its ingredients really are healthful for humans, and it’s eco-friendly, too. So what exactly are the ingredients in True Glue Lash Glue, and what will they do for you? Rose Water Rose water is easy to make: rose petals are steeped in water, and the natural, fresh ingredients in the petals are distilled in the water. The result is a sweet-smelling liquid. Interestingly, rose water has a natural compound called phenylethanol (not at all as scary as it sounds), which has antimicrobial properties – so it keeps your eyelids free of germs! Chamomile Extract Chamomile is a popular herb that has been used for centuries to treat a number of health conditions. But what does science say about the properties of chamomile extract? That chamomile extract is healthful is beyond dispute. There are, for instance, indications that chamomile extract is useful for reducing anxiety disorder and for treating insomnia. Even more surprising is that scientists from Case Western Reserve University have uncovered evidence that chamomile extract actually has anti-cancer properties! This, then, is truly a marvellous natural ingredient to put into a lash glue – as opposed to the carcinogenic chemicals found in ordinary fake lash adhesives. Biotin It is naturally produced by your body, and it promotes hair growth. There’s no simpler way to put it: if you want to grow naturally lovely eyelashes that are strong and lustrous, coat your eyelids with biotin. And, wonderfully for you, True Glue lash adhesive contains biotin as a main ingredient. Candelilla Wax The Southwestern wind whispers through the air and rustles the branches of the Candelilla shrub, found in northern Mexico and the Southwest. The wax is produced by boiling the leaves and stems. It is a food additive, and has been placed in many lip balms. In True Glue lash adhesive it helps add the “stickiness” that’s important for your lashes to stay on your eyelids. It is gentle to the skin, soothes it, and moisturizes it. Geranium Some of the ingredients in True Glue Adhesive have completely unexpected health benefits. Enter – geranium. It is a flowering plant. But it is more than that. In China, it is an herb used to treat joint pain like arthritis. And scientific research has borne this out – the ethanolic extract of the geranium plant actually does reduce joint pain. It also has a pleasant floral smell, which means your eyelids will be gently bathed in a soothing aroma. Now is the time for you to get your hands on a tube of True Glue. Browse our collection of True Glue lash glue and let us know if you have any questions!


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