October 02, 2017

Why Switching to Organic Makeup is a MUST if You’re in Your 30s

Best Organic Makeup
Did you know: (1) The Ancient Egyptians were one of the first people to use makeup (2) You shed about 50,000 skin cells a minute (3) As you age, the pores on your skin get bigger It’s this third and last fact that we’re going to talk about here. So why do your skin pores become larger as you age? One of the reasons why: years of daily exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause your skin to gradually lose its elasticity – so your pores slowly lose the ability to “spring back” to a smaller size after getting clogged with dirt and other particles (this is why it’s so important to clean your face regularly!). Now – not unsurprisingly – this has implications for your makeup (and anything else you put on your face). For example, bigger skin pores means it’s easier for toxic makeup ingredients to slip in through your skin and gradually wreak havoc on your overall health. Consider this: a common poisonous compound found in many cosmetic products is formaldehyde. (In fact, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.) Now, with smaller skin pores, fewer formaldehyde molecules can make their way inside your body. But bigger skin pores? More formaldehyde molecules can easily pass through. This is true, of course, for plenty of other toxic makeup ingredients like latex. So just how much larger do your skin pores get as you age? Scientists have actually discovered the answer to this question – in a piece of research published in 2015. This study revealed that skin pores especially get bigger between the ages of 30 and 40. Further, within this age range, skin pores can enlarge by more than 30% in size. And finally, over an entire lifetime, pore size can expand by over 70% (almost doubling in size). What does this mean for the makeup-obsessed? If you’re in your 30s, then now – more than ever – is the time you need to switch to organic, all-natural makeup free of the toxic chemicals in many “typical” makeup products. Otherwise, as your skin pores get bigger, more and more poisons will enter your body. Fortunately for you, this is 2017 – so now it’s relatively to easy to find inexpensive and effective all-natural makeup. That’s why True Glue was launched, after all: so you don’t have to continue putting bad stuff on your beautiful face and skin.


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