May 15, 2017

Organic Lip Gloss - Introducing The New Line From True Glue!

Organic Lip Gloss

What It Is - For those of you who wake up in the morning and have things to do and worlds to move: we introduce you to True Glue’s all-new organic lip gloss. Made only from organic, all-natural ingredients (‘cause c’mon girl, it’s 2017 – time to get away from nasty toxic chemicals in your makeup!), this lip gloss also just so happens to be both vegan and cruelty-free. That means that finally you don’t have to put up with synthetic chemicals that basically corrode and chew up your luscious lips. Got sensitive skin? Or allergy-prone skin? True Glue’s lip gloss is for you. Love the thought of giving your lips some added va-va-voom? True Glue’s lip gloss is for you, too. Oh, and many of the ingredients in this gloss actively hydrate and nourish your skin – so your lips will have a vibrant, natural beauty everyday.

What This Does For You - Ever thought your lips were going to burn right off after applying a lip gloss filled with stinging chemicals? That probably kinda freaked you out a bit, honestly. Anyway, True Glue’s all-natural lip gloss is the complete opposite of that sort of feeling. So don’t put your delicate lips through the risk of unhealthy chemical destruction – just dab this gloss on and treat yourself to soothing Shea Butter...nourishing Vitamin E...Coconut oil...and other body-loving organic compounds.

Why You’ll Love It - A night on the town. A speech in front of a spellbound audience. A client meeting. Just day-to-day living. All good reasons to uncap a bottle of True Glue’s organic lip gloss and add some shimmer and sheen to your lips. Give your lips a gorgeously full look and make them stand out. The good news is that you can do all of this while simultaneously adding to your skin health – and without running the risk of awful allergies or damaging your lips with toxic chemicals.

Directions - Use the wand applicator to dab the gloss onto the middle of your lips. Then spread the gloss out evenly across your lips.

Check out all the shades and shop now here!

Organic Lip Gloss


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