August 26, 2017

3 Makeup Horror Stories from Around the Internet Which Show Why You Need Organic Cosmetics Today

Organic Cosmetics
Not sure why some of your makeup might be triggering skin allergies, rashes, and other wildly annoying irritations? You’ll want to read this. Because, as it so happens, you are not alone in your suffering of these makeup-induced calamities. Because – as it so happens (again) – many makeups and cosmetics around the world are filled with substances that are toxic to your health (think formaldehyde, heavy metals, and so on). These nasty ingredients are enough to cause all sorts of cosmetic nightmares; they are, in short, the chief villains in many makeup horror stories. Consider, for instance, the following frightening (but true) tales – gleaned from the various corners of the internet. Here’s what user “Rpa65284” from has to say: “I need help! I'm not even kidding! Ok, everyone knows the story and all the details about acrylic ruining your nails...blah, blah! But now that they are off – first of all, my hands look 90 years old. Ugly. Okay, I can live with that, but they hurt sooooo bad! What do I put on them? I know someone out there has the answer, because at one time or another haven't we all done it? Oh, failed to mention I have been wearing acrylic for years…” Our Comment: Stay away from acrylic! In this day and age, where organic makeup is pretty easy to find, there’s no good reason to stick to acrylic-based products – especially when you consider the health risks. Now, from Reddit user eraser_dust (be forewarned that there are a lot of twists and turns to this horror story): “I found some cheap made-in-China lip balms that I bought merely because the packaging was super cute – they looked like Japanese dolls. I figured I can always get rid of the lip balm and melt a different lipstick into the container, so that's what I did. First, the lip balm was...different. The texture was more like Vaseline, where you could easily bend and melt it. At the same time, they wouldn't fully melt, so there were traces of the lip balm left on the container. Whatever, I'll just have a moisturising lipstick! The result was awesome, and then I put the lipstick on. Dang, it's super cute. Hey, my lips start feeling fuzzy. Hmm. The fuzziness is spreading. By the time I was frantically trying to wash it off, the fuzzy feeling got all the way to the back of my throat. Never again.” Our Comment: Yes, never again. Be especially wary of purchasing cosmetics in a country you’re not familiar with. Many countries don’t regulate their makeup industry at all, so you never know what kind of toxic ingredients – including heavy metals like arsenic and lead – you’ll run into when traveling, unless you’ve done your research. Also – no matter how extraordinarily, supremely cute the packaging is, it’s rarely worth risking your health. And finally, from Twitter user @lordtandees: “me – spends hour doing special fx makeup also me – takes two 24-hour Claritins so my latex allergy doesn't kill me” Our Comment: First off – yeah, latex allergies suck and can even be fatal (yikes). And popping a couple of Claritins every time you put on latex-loaded makeup is only a short-term solution. Better idea? Get organic, all-natural makeup that isn’t crawling with poisonous chemicals. Like True Glue. No reason to endure makeup hell when you can easily get your fix of natural, healthy, nourishing makeup.


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