November 03, 2021

Natural Makeup Looks: A Simple Guide


Natural looking makeups have been on the rise in recent years. There are so many different makeup looks, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. If you have a special event coming up and want to do something natural but still look like your best self, then this article is for you! We will go over simple tips that will help you find the perfect natural makeup look.

A lot of people ask what they should be looking for in a natural makeup look. First, you want to find colors that are close to your skin tone so it looks more like an enhancement than something covering up your face. Second, the products will have less shine or shimmer because this is not as flattering on mature women and can also make you look older. A matte foundation or powder is the best choice for this type of makeup look.

Next, you want to ensure that your makeup is blended in well. This means the colors should seamlessly transition into one another and not look like a block of color. Make sure to use an appropriate brush for each product so it looks natural on the skin!

Now let's move onto specific products! The first step is applying primer to your skin. This will ensure that the makeup you apply won't look cakey or crease into any fine lines on your face. Always make sure to apply a nice moisturizer as well to keep skin healthy and plump.

Natural makeup looks mean flawless natural looking skin! So that means finding and proper application of a great foundation. We recommend using a liquid foundation to get more of a natural effect and not have as much build up throughout the day. We love using a beauty blender to apply the foundation to ensure that it looks blended in, not caked on.

You can also use concealer (sparingly) to cover up any areas that need extra help such as blemishes or redness. This will ensure the rest of your makeup is more even and not just settle into those problem spots! You can then apply a light dusting of powder over top.

For eyes, you want to use a great neutral shade that will enhance your natural color without being too dark. You can apply this all over the lid and even into the crease if it doesn't look caked on. Simply blend with a brush or beauty blender until it looks blended in! What about lashes? Use a lash curler, a coat of mascara, and you can even finish it off with a natural looking set of lashes.

For lips, we recommend using a pink or nude color that is close to your skin tone. Apply a generous amount of lip balm before applying the lipstick! After, you want to use a brush and apply it straight from the tube for this natural look as opposed to using a pencil first.

Don't forget about brows! We recommend filling in sparse areas with a brow pencil to give you an even look. Make sure to not overdo the brows, this can really determine natural to fake. Think fluffy and light handed, and use a pencil close to your natural color.

You want to set your makeup! By using a setting spray or powder will help keep everything in place throughout the day so you don't have any touch ups. A translucent finishing powder is usually enough but there are options for oil control if this is something you are concerned about. We recommend using a spray setting powder to get the most natural effect!

And there you have it, our simple guide on how to do natural makeup looks that will enhance your face and make you look perfect for any occasion! Let us know if this was helpful or what other topics you would like covered in the comments!

p.s. you can also do a similar look with even more natural products by using only vegan and cruelty free makeup brands! This way, you aren't harming animals or adding extra chemicals to your skin either. Brands like our own here at True Glue!


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