February 05, 2020

Makeup is for Everyone: We’re Proud of You, Nikkie Tutorials!

Nikkie Tutorials

Here at True Glue, we fully understand and celebrate the expressive power of makeup.

Here at True Glue, we fully understand and celebrate the expressive power of makeup. Makeup is for everyone. That’s: Everyone. Makeup can be a tool of empowerment used to enhance your natural beauty, or completely transform your face depending on how and why you use it. Most importantly, no matter who you are, you aren’t weird for wearing makeup and you’re not weird if you don’t wear makeup!

There’s been a quiet revolution going on in the past few decades, and that revolution is growing bigger, louder and prouder in which makeup and “feminine” fashion are not just for women (or straight women at that). Makeup has been central to many LGBTQ+ people for so long but now because of many brave souls who publically defied outdated gender norms by very publically wearing makeup, more and more young people across the spectrum of gender feel brave enough to use makeup as a tool to express themselves.

We celebrate all trailblazing, makeup-wearing public figures who have used their platform to show that gender is a spectrum, and non-binary. Now, names like Jonathan Van Ness, Rue Paul and James Charles have become household names known for their proud love of makeup. They’ve been greeted with a lot of hate from people who don’t understand, but they’ve also opened many minds as to who exactly makeup ‘belongs.’

In case you’ve been living under a rock, last week (and now 34 million views later), Nikkie Tutorials - many people’s makeup guru - came out as trans. She had kept this private throughout her Youtube career, but had recently been blackmailed by an unnamed jerk-face threatening to reveal her truth if she didn’t. Nikkie handled this awful situation with so much bravery and poise and made so many people proud and of course, had the haters hating.

We look forward to the day where nobody thinks it unusual for anyone to be wearing makeup, nobody thinks it’s unusual to be, say, gay or trans, nobody is looked down upon for expressing their true selves. Of course, we also hope that everyone is educated about the makeup they are using on their beautiful faces, ensuring that the products they use are honest, clean, non-toxic and environmentally conscious.

Here at True Glue, we celebrate you being you!


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