July 09, 2021

The Best Style of Fake Lashes for Your Eye Type

Liner Lashes

It is no secret that fake lashes are one of the best ways to add length and volume to your natural lashes. But what style of lash should you be wearing? It all depends on your eye type!

Here are some tips for picking the perfect lash styles for your eye type!

Round Shaped Eyes

If you have a round eye shape, we recommend wearing lashes that are full and fluffy. These will help to make your eyes look more open and give off an innocent appearance. Pro tip: after applying the lashes and letting the glue dry, curl them gently with your lash curler to blend with your natural lashes and fully open up the eyes.

Deep Set Eyes

If you have deep set or close together eyes, long fluttery false eyelashes would be the perfect choice for adding length. Look for ones with a slightly longer wing on the outer corner of the lashes.

Almond Shaped Eyes

If you have almond shaped eyes, you can rock any style of lashes and they will look great! You lucky duck, you!

Naturally Long Lashes

If you have naturally long eyelashes that touch your eyebrows, we recommend a more natural lash for everyday wear. This is just going to fill things in and draw more emphases to your beautiful eyes.

Hooded or Mono-Lid Eyes

For hooded or mono-lidded eyes, we recommend a longer and thicker lash to help open it up. Choose a style with shorter lashes on the outside, and the longer ones in the middle and inner corner.

Wide Set Eyes

For those with wide set eyes, we recommend a long full fake lash that is away from your eye with layered medium and longer lash strands. A beautiful, simple whispy lash with a great curl is perfect!

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