January 22, 2017

Best Lashes For Your Eye Type

Best Lashes

Best Lashes For Your Eye Type

Finding the best lashes to suit your eye will make or break your look. Finding the right style for your eye shape will help highlight your natural beauty. Here are our tips for finding the right style! 1. Almond Shape Eyes - The luckiest of all eye shapes! You can rock almost any style. We recommend trying a criss cross style, however experiment with different styles to see what you like best! Try these luxury lashes in the style "Catwalk" , $24.99 2. Hooded Eyes - If you have hooded eyes opt for a lash style that has the longest lashes in the centre of the eye. Having the longest strands in the centre will draw attention to the centre giving the illusion of depth. Peep these lashes in style "Passion Flower", $7.99 3. Mono Lid Eyes - Mono lids are eyes without a cut crease. Sticking with a light and fluffy style gives a beautiful, natural look. Anything too dramatic will look fake. Fall in love with these luxury lashes in style "Fetch", $24.99 4. Round Eyes - Round eyes should choose a long, winged and wispy lash. Staying away from anything too thick as it can make large eyes look smaller. Check out these luxury lashes in style "Barbie Girl", $24.99 5. Deep Set Eyes - It's important to wear long and dramatic lashes for deep set eyes, otherwise the depth of the eye set and the weight of the brow bone can take away from your look. Turn some heads in the "Model Life" luxury lashes, $24.99

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