March 01, 2016

5 Mistakes Corrected for You in This Revolutionary Eyelash Adhesive

5 Mistakes Corrected for You in This Revolutionary Eyelash Adhesive
5 Mistakes Corrected for You in This Revolutionary Eyelash Adhesive When we started making an all-natural eyelash adhesive, we looked to see what most women didn't like about their lash glues – and we then set out to create a lash adhesive that didn't have these mistakes. The 5 most common mistakes, we discovered, were:
  • Slow action – lash glues that take too long to dry and stick in the lashes in place. Many women were annoyed by runny lash glues that dripped into their eyes. Ugh!
  • Skin irritation – red, puffy eyes are painful and irritating, and result from the toxic chemicals found in the vast majority of lash glues.
  • Chemical odor – "I an an aesthetician and I was forced to use this glue at school,” said one reviewer of a typical lash glue that can be found online. “I really did not like it. It smells like gasoline! I just couldn't stand the smell and it made my eyes water.” Who wants to put bad-smelling stuff on their eyelids just hours before going out on a hot date, after all?
  • Too weak – the lashes fall off easily because the adhesive simply doesn't work that well.
  • Too strong – it becomes a very difficult and frustrating task to remove the lashes because the glue becomes stiff and crusty and refuses to come off.
The True Glue team overcame each of these mistakes, one by one. And that, fortunately, changed the whole situation for women (and men!) looking for the very best and most comfortable eyelash adhesive. We concocted and discarded dozens upon dozens of all-natural formulas before we hit the right one – the one available to the public today. And so we replaced 5 old mistakes with amazing advantages that many women are quite enchanted with. Amazing Ingredients in True Glue Give You 5 Remarkable Results
  1. An organic starch known as pullulan is one of the main ingredients in True Glue. This all-natural starch instantly adheres to skin, so you don't have to wait around for it to dry. It also tightens skin and is an anti-oxidant, so has some anti-aging properties.
  1. Rosewater is used to soothe your eyelids – it's a natural skin moisturizer, so you can wave goodbye to puffy, red, irritated eyes.
  1. There is no formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals in this True Glue! You won't smell even a hint of toxic chemical odor in True Glue. And geranium is an ingredient in True Glue that makes it smell pleasant and soft.
  1. Again, the pullulan (the organic, starchy material) in True Glue dries and sticks quickly and tightly – your lashes won't be falling off!
  1. Amazingly, it turns out that pullulan dissolves quickly and easily in water. Which means you simply need to rinse your eyes with water for your lashes to come off without pain – and there's no danger of your eyes being glued shut (frighteningly, this has happened with other lash glues).
Eyelash Adhesive Try True Glue today and be part of the all-natural revolution in cosmetics!


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