The Company

What began as the world’s first all-natural eyelash adhesive has now become something much more. Now, for the first time, True Glue has formulated a line of makeup that’s healthy, safe, natural – and very long-lasting. Through its commitment to healthy, natural makeup products – and a special blend of ingredients – True Glue makes it easy for you to look lovelier, all day and all night, without worrying about the chemicals you’re putting on your body.

True Glue: The Backstory

Like a lot of good stories, True Glue’s story began with a problem in need of a solution. Emily Lyons – Toronto serial entrepreneur, and the CEO and founder of Femme Fatale Media Group, a model and event staffing agency – noticed this dilemma: some of her agency’s models would develop allergic reactions from the eyelash glue they used for their false lashes. After researching this further, Emily found out that her models weren’t the only ones whose eyes got irritated by lash glues. Many women, throughout Canada – and throughout the world – also had these allergic reactions.

Emily wondered why. Was there something in the lash glue itself that caused an allergic reaction? This line of questioning eventually lead her to this discovery: it was the harsh chemicals – like formaldehyde and parabens – in the lash glues that triggered allergic reactions. Even more sinisterly, these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic and toxic to human health – yet beauty companies were nevertheless using them rampantly in their products. This state of affairs, Emily firmly believed, had to change.

So she put together a team of researchers who had one simple objective: create a lash glue that was made completely out of healthy, natural ingredients. Eventually, this objective was realized. The resulting product – and the company that was born – was dubbed True Glue. True Glue is the first company in the world to create a completely natural, completely safe lash glue.

True Glue Makeup Line

True Glue’s makeup line isn’t like any other makeup line. It’s the result of in-depth research on different natural and organic ingredients and different botanical blends. Each ingredient has been very, very carefully selected – and just the right amount chosen – to maximize your health, your good looks, and long-lasting wear, like a real glue to the skin. Natural extracts, rich vegetable oils, exotic butters and waxes, mineral pigments – this is the natural goodness inside each True Glue product. You can smell this natural goodness, too – catch a whiff of a True Glue product, and you’ll detect delightfully fresh aromas.

These aren’t the only reasons why True Glue’s makeup line is in a league of its own. The True Glue makeup line is vegan and cruelty-free – and eco-friendly. It’s also free of toxic chemicals like parabens and formaldehyde – and synthetic fragrances. With True Glue, you can be sure that every little drop of makeup that lands on your skin is perfectly safe – and totally healthy. It’s everything you could wish for in a makeup line – a dream line that’s come true.