Biggest Makeup Trends For Fall 2020

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Biggest Makeup Trends For Fall 2020 – here we go! Well, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year like NO other! So, how has it effected the makeup and beauty trends? Being stuck inside for so long, many of us have just been sticking with the basics, and hard to imagine a full face right now. Most days we can’t even be bothered to change out of our sweatpants, let alone think about foundation! But when we do feel like getting out the makeup bag, fashion and instagram have provided endless inspiration for this seasons hottest trends! We scoured the internet and included our top favourite trends to try this season below!


Misplaced Liner

With an ode to the 60’s, we’re seeing this creative look everywhere, and loving it! Basic black to bright colours, straight to curves, super easy and fun to do.

Makeup Trends Fall 2020
Makeup Trends
Via Instagram @ericaswn

Crystal Embellishments

Just in time for Halloween, but this trend is something that can stay forever please! Try applying your crystals with our True Glue all-natural adhesive for safe and easy wear 😉

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Via instagram @greyandsparkled
Natural Lash Glue
Via Instagram @helenesjostedt
Best Lashes
Via Instagram @ohhmels

BIG Brows

GIVE US ALL THE FLUFF! We’re so happy to see the big brows continue to stay in, just crying that we had tweezers in the 90’s!

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Via Instagram @beautyunionpl
Best Lash Glue
Via Instagram @beautyunionpl

Butterfly Eyes

This unique, fluttery trend started taking off this summer and has continued. It’s obviously not a wearable look, but a fun insta trend to try!

Creative Makeup
Via instagram @jessielynniac
Amazing Makeup
Via instagram @makeupbyholllyyy

Long Lashes

You know we love a good lash (duh!), so we obviously adore that the long lash look is back in style! Last season was definitely showing a more natural lash, but this season we are batting them hard!

Clean Beauty
Via instagram @grishina.viktoria
Shop Lash Glues
Via instagram @beauty_vain
Makeup Artist Features
Via instagram @makeupbyevva

What do you think? What are your favourite trends you’re loving or hating this season? Share them with us below! Be sure to check out all the latest True Glue lash styles here and pair it with your favourite all-natural True Glue adhesive!

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Emily Lyons

Emily Lyons

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