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May 4, 2017
Organic Makeup - non toxic vegan

How Poisonous Metals Sneak Into the Ingredients of Everyday Makeup (And What You Can Do About It)

It may come as an unsavory surprise to some, but toxic compounds have been used in makeup products for thousands of years. In fact, in 18th century Europe lead poisoning reached almost epidemic proportions – largely because of lead-based materials used in face powders and rouges. Today, there is growing awareness of the sheer extent of poisonous chemicals used in makeup and cosmetics. With the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal Silent Spring in 1962, more and more research has been carried out on the various toxic materials that can be found in products of every kind – and in every area of day-to-day living. It is with this in mind that inspires True Glue to continually push the boundaries of innovation and create completely organic, all-natural makeup lines. Nonetheless, there are still many women who are – sadly – unaware of the dangers of traditional, conventional makeups. And one of the most disturbing aspects of many makeups today is that they frequently contain poisonous metals. Metals like lead (yikes!), arsenic, […]
April 30, 2017
Organic Makeup

Should You Switch To Organic Makeup?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been playing with makeup since you could get your hands on your Mothers makeup bag. As you grow you learn that better products definitely get better results – better staying power, better for your skin, richer pigments and so on. Its generally known that if it doesn’t say organic on the makeup it is full of chemicals. But why does this matter? It’s only go on your skin, right? Wrong. Over the past few years I began researching more and more how your skin absorbs everything that is put on it and it goes right into your bloodstream.   Don’t believe me? Research it for your self, with countless studies by reputable universities conducted over the years it won’t take long to come to your own consensus. Environmental Working Group published two such studies where they found toxic chemicals in the umbilical chord of newborn babies. They screened for 400 chemicals and found a shocking 287 chemicals. These chemicals included toxins known to damage […]
March 16, 2017
Applying Lashes

How Does True Glue Lash Adhesive Work?

Our Easy Tips On How To Use Our Natural Glue To Apply Your Lashes! Even the most skilled lash gurus sometimes need some tips on application. True Glue isn’t your regular lash glue, unlike regular lash adhesives, it doesn’t have any synthetic and harmful chemicals. Instead it is packed full of ingredients that are acutally beneficial for your lashes and skin. Because it doesn’t have the normal harsh chemicals, it doesn’t apply normal. To use True Glue it only take an extra minute. Here is our sure fire tips to getting your lashes on flawlessly with True Glue! 1. Trim your lashes to fit your eyes 2. Line the lash band with a standard amount of True Glue, the same amount you would normally use. 3. Here is where it is a tiny bit different, before applying it to your eye, let it set on the band for a minute and 30 seconds. Then apply and gently hold it in place while it dries, this may take a moment. Now […]
January 21, 2017
Best Eyelash Extension

Best Eyelash Extension Tips

Best Eyelash Extension Tips – What You Need To Know! All eyelash extensions are definitely not created equally. If not done properly it can result in a painful and potentially serious reaction, broken lashes, swollen eyes, or just a simple waist of money. Here are our tips to get the best eyelash extension experience!   1. Know The Adhesive – know the ingredients they’re putting on your eyes! “The first time I got lash extensions was back in 2007.” Said our CEO Emily Lyons, “After two hours of application I couldn’t open my eyes. They were swollen and watering. My boyfriend had to lead me out of the salon and to the car. They stayed like this for several hours after.” This was because the extension artist used cheap glue. Typical eyelash extension glue contains chemicals such as methyl or ethyl cyanoacrylates, formaldehyde and more. These chemicals are dangerous irritants that should be no where near your eye. Know what the artist is using before you end up with a […]
January 19, 2017
Best Eyelash Glue

Best Eyelash Glue – What Works Without The Nasty Chemicals

Best Eyelash Glue – What Works Without The Nasty Chemicals   Choosing the best eyelash glue may seem simple. However, it may come as a surprise to some of you but eyelash glue is one of the most toxic beauty products out there. Finding the best eyelash glue is not only important for your makeup look, but for your health. Your eye is a mucus membrane and whatever you are applying to it is going into your blood stream.   One of the main chemicals in most eyelash glues is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a confirmed carcinogen by the national cancer society and isn’t meant to be on your skin, let alone your eye. However, be weary of glues toting “formaldehyde free” versions, as they have most likely replaced one toxic chemical with another.   In addition to the health concerns with these ingredients, the harshness of these products can prematurely age your eye area. We wear lashes to look beautiful, but not to make us look older after the fact. Be […]
June 13, 2016
Organic Lash Glue

Say NO to Toxic Beauty Ingredients

  “The same way you look at food labels, you should do the same for your beauty products.” Some of the ingredients found in beauty products aren’t so pretty. Clever marketing can often give you the idea that the product you are buying is safe. Lash glues that say “Formaldehyde free” or “Non toxic” can be misleading, and one toxic chemical is just swapped out for another. Even products claiming to be organic and all natural can still contain harmful ingredients, companies can almost put any marketing on their packaging to sell products. The same way you look at food labels, you should do the same for your beauty products. There is little to no regulation done to monitor what is put into our beauty products, and with cancer and other diseases on the rise, it’s the consumers responsibility to protect yourself and family from potentially dangerous exposure to these chemicals.   Parabens – Parabens are widely used preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast in cosmetic […]
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